Healthier Lifestyles 

The purpose of this project is to engage with individuals who are in need or wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The programme will incorporate physical and educational workshops that will leave participant more knowledgeable and informed to make better lifestyle choices to manage and maintain their own weight and health.

The programme will include information on foods that can benefit health and actually target specific health issues that can cause ongoing problems e.g. diabetes, arthritis etc. Additional benefits of this project are to encourage motivation and the desire to improve personal health and have a understanding of the important of adopting a more health conscious lifestyle.

Delivery of a specific project that will look to promote and support the ‘Add to your life’ scheme which has been developed to support 50+ to complete an online health check questionnaire that will help them self-assess their health. The Lead Health Officer will engage with the target audience to promote this scheme and support individuals to take ownership of their health.

The project will look to delivery local access points within the community where such health checks can be completed and tap into IT provisions e.g. IT skills classes and encourage additional promotion there. The ‘Add to your life’ scheme will be promoted at local health days and brought to the attention of the target audience at every opportunity. Purchase of equipment may also be made to increase access of the health check service within the community.

This Healthier Lifestyle project is delivered by a qualified nutritionist and, offers a wraparound support mechanism, which will look at identifying health issues, and work with the individual to improve their physical activity and improve their nutrition specific to their key issues

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