Physical Activity Programme – Street Games 

Street Games is about changing lives, changing communities and changing sport. By creating fitter, healthier communities in areas of high deprivation, within the cluster, Street Games will contribute to improving health, increasing life expectancy and reducing inequalities.

Physical activity has been hailed as the best buy in public health, it is the game changer for building people up. Doorsteps sports tackles health inequalities’ within disadvantaged areas by encouraging more young people to get involved in sport and, crucially by keeping them coming back for more.

Along with improved fitness levels, young people who have participated in doorstep sports sessions show; improved social skills, increased knowledge, increased sense of sporting citizenship and increased confidence.

The key purpose of the project is to inspire, motivate and support young people from within the cluster to lead more physically active lifestyles. Young people who start active, have a better chance of staying active and live longer, happier lives

Doorstep sport will provide a vibrant and varied sporting offer aimed at young people in disadvantaged areas, encouraging greater participation in sport and helping social cohesion. This will be achieved by engaging with targeted groups from within the cluster and involving them in street game activities, to design and deliver those activities with the target group so the activities meet their needs and increase their physical activity levels. The groups will be supported to self-organise and resource their own groups. This develops peer support, which helps individuals to continue participating, as well as improving low confidence and self-esteem, which are common barriers to participation.

Street Games Service includes:

  • Doorstep Sport Clubs – develop an infrastructure of clubs, coaches, and participants
  • Us Girls - Providing doorstep sport for young women in disadvantaged communities
  • Street Games Young Volunteers - Providing volunteering and community leadership opportunities to disadvantaged youth
  • Training Academy - Low cost, high quality learning opportunities for coaches, leaders and volunteers
  • Street Games Events - The events programme provides doorstep sport projects access to high quality events and competitions building backed by our corporate partners
  • Partners – Develop a network between public and private sector to grow sport in disadvantaged areas

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