Basic Skills 

The key purpose of the project is to reduce the number of families living in workless households and improve the skills of parents, carers and young people living in those household, with a focus on supporting families to achieve better outcomes for children and adults alike. We aim to support these individuals and raise standards of literacy and numeracy for both them and their children by improving the basic skills levels in the hardest to reach within the community who, are not currently engaged in learning and, have been identified as having a basic skill need.

Through this project we aim to:

  • Help in the process of breaking the cycle of low achievement where it occurs in families,
  • Improved educational outcomes for both children and adults.

Intergenerational Learning helps adults to support their children’s learning, encourages adults to build closer links with the community as well as take a more active part in their children’s education, enabling adults to improve their own skills to gain accreditation and access further learning or employment opportunities and encourages a positive attitude towards learning and employment.

In order to achieve this Communities First will be setting up skills clubs with the support from Adult Community Learning in local settings across the cluster. Through these skills clubs, learners will be able to tackling issues such as reading, writing, debt management, financial Capability and financial Literacy along with the potential of gain qualifications as well as discuss their progression.


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