Child Support Work 

This Project will target the seven primary schools within the Southern Cluster

The key purpose is to lift these families out of the poverty levels they are in at present and ensure that they have an increased awareness of the importance of education and access to the existing support that is available. The project will also ensure that existing services have access to families in need in which they are unable to reach at present.

The project will create strong links between the school and parents’ ensuring that support is available to remove the barriers that impact on child development and achievement. Discussions with the LEA indicate that the high level of absence rates in primary schools relate to the parents authorising absence.

“There is a body of evidence to illustrate the positive effects on a child who is prepared well for primary school and meeting their developmental milestones: and the impact on families of the intergeneration transfer of disadvantage from parents with poor literacy, language and numeracy skills to their children”. (ref: families first submission 2011)

The role of the Primary Family Support Worker is to support and assist the school community within the LSOA’s that need it most by offering support to parents, careers and children where issues are likely to or are affecting the child and their performance at school. This project focuses on children

This project aims to work with children that have been identified through the school as having high levels of non-attendance or persistent school lateness. Offering 1:1 support to the children we aim to establish the reasons for non-attendance and offer support in order to overcome these issues.

This element will encourage family learning and the participation of the child in extracurricular activities, as well as delivery of the FAST (Families and Schools Together) Project.

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