Education Family Support Project  

This project is based in Afon Taf High School, providing strong links between the school and parents’ ensuring that support is available to remove the barriers that impact on child development and achievement.

Afon Taf High School will me making the referrals to the Family Support Officer, this will be in line with the attendance levels of pupils. Parents will also be able to self –refer if their child are having problems with attainment, attendance or personal issues that they need support with. Outside support agencies with all be making referrals to ensure that there is a collaborated support network available for families and children.

The central aims of the project include:

  • To provide a central link worker for each CF Cluster to provide greater connectivity between schools and the wider community to address key issues e.g. attendance and attainment.
  • Signpost help for families in supporting their children and parents
  • To Increase parental involvement in their own development and that of their child
  • To work closely with schools and target families / groups to improve attendance, engagement, attainment, wellbeing and behaviour;
  • To liaise with external partner agencies to ensure appropriate signposting of services and support;
  • To work with the Families First MIA team to ensure effective multi-agency support for the families of vulnerable children and young people to ensure that they can make the most of education.
  • Promote and coordinate after school activities to encourage lifelong learning.
  • To create strong links with schools, parents and the community ensuring that, support that is available within the area, is utilised fully to remove any barriers that impact on child development, school achievement and participation in education.
  • To provide an early intervention service that addresses developing problems through effective analysis of problems and signposting to services.
  • To link with the Learning Lead officer to coordinate the delivery of Basic Skills support for groups of parents to maximise the support they can give to their children with regard to Literacy and Numeracy;
  • To establish effective links with multi-agency partners to ensure effective information sharing and targeting of appropriate support.

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