Learning in the Community

This project aims to creating a culture in which learning is valued by providing learning opportunities for everyone through all stages in their life. Through partnership, with Adult Community Learning providers we are committed to creating and sustaining an environment where young people and adults have access to a wide range of learning opportunities, within a community setting, which is relevant to their needs. These learning opportunities will be delivered to meet individual learning styles, therefore maximising a person’s potential and achieving a greater degree of independence and quality of life.

The key purpose of the project is to encourage residents to effectively participate in both non accredited and accredited learning opportunities to:

Improve skills for work
Increase employment and tackle economic inactivity and improve chances for promotion.

Improve wellbeing and social inclusion
Enable residents to develop so that they may enjoy a healthier, stimulated and enriched life.

Improve communication skills and working with numbers
Enable residents to develop skills to maximise their potential and achieve a greater degree of independence.

Encourage learning for active citizenship and community Development
Empower local residents to actively participate in the development and management of services within their own community.

Strengthen partnership working to ensure continuous improvement
Provide high quality learning that meets the learning styles and needs of individuals and groups in order for them to achieve their set goals

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