Young people’s Learning 

Based at Afon Taf High School, the main high school that children from within the southern cluster access, this project provides young people within the Southern Cluster, ages 14-16, the opportunity to improve their educational achievement levels at Key Stage 4. The project officer works in partnership with the school’s staff to provide a range of learning opportunities, support packages and additional support in general literacy and numeracy.

School staff identify the young people to take part in the project, based on their current attainment levels, the project provides access to extra educational support either within the school or in community settings. Learning opportunities based outside of school complement the school curriculum and allow the acquisition of qualifications. Opportunities within the school focus on literacy and numeracy support however there is scope to develop additional workshops, which will create additional support for those young people identified as having further learning needs.

Fundamental to the programme success is ensuring that young people’s views are central to the decision making process about the activities on offer and the development of the programme / organisations as a whole. 

We currently have 40 young people involved with this project.

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