Younger Parents Support Group 

The key purpose of the project is to ensure that younger parents have the right information and support to make positive choices for themselves and their children. This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring that parents are equipped with the knowledge of what is expected of their children once they start school. We aim to do this by providing a link between the schools and parents as well as promoting the benefits of using pre-school provisions.
  • Delivering the ‘Toddler Incredible Years project’ this programme promotes positive parenting strategies and assists parents in managing children’s behaviour. It includes:
  1. The importance of play
  2. Encouraging children’s learning
  3. Praise and incentives
  4. Handling separations
  5. Limits and boundaries
  6. Positive discipline 
  • Provision of Crèche facilities will be available for the children, which will promote to parents the positive aspects of using pre-school provisions.

This project has been developed in partnership with Flying Start to address an identified gap in parenting support services within the Cluster. Currently the Flying Start team only delivers this support in 3 areas of the Southern Cluster which we will continue to support, our project will complement the flying start programme and will be delivered in areas that are not Flying Start.

Communities First will engage and work with younger parents (under the age of 25), particularly those that are not engaging with main stream services, to deliver the ‘Toddler Incredible Years project’. We aim to do this by linking in with health visitors the parenting team, (families first and flying start), to provide support groups within informal settings.

The groups will be parent led, with the emphasis on building strong links and relationships between parents and early childhood services to ensure continuity of care and joint planning of support activities, whilst embedding the importance of home learning within the family as well as promoting the benefits of using pre-school provisions.

Evidence shows that early intervention is far more effective than trying to compensate later on in a child’s development skills. The objective will be to build up early relationships between the parent and the professionals where support and involvement means positive outcomes are more likely to be achieved

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