Financial Management – CAB

Merthyr Tydfil CAB’s Engagement and Managing Your Money (group) Services will provide an independent source of financial capability training to vulnerable people living in the South Clusters of Merthyr Tydfil.

The project will provide individuals and families with face to face group financial capability sessions at locations within their communities to support household incomes, stabilise their financial position and understand and exercise their rights in support of wider initiatives identified within the Cluster bids. The project will also:

  • Increase awareness of safe and affordable alternatives to illegal and high cost credit.
  • Maximise client’s knowledge and use of social tariffs and best deals available.
  • Reduce stress caused by over-indebtedness and poor money management, proactively targeting individuals most likely to be impacted by Welfare and Legal Aid Reform legislation
  • Signpost job-seeking clients to local Cluster employment and education support services opportunities.
  • Mitigate the impacts of poverty by increasing access to financial capability services at a range of outreach venues in deprived communities.
  • Reduce poverty and stabilise household finances in the target Clusters by providing face-to-face benefit checks; helping local people maximise their income; helping people to budget; choose the best deals; avoid and manage debt problems.
  • Prevent poverty by acting as a gateway to a range of internal specialist services and external support services, CAB diagnostic, generalist and specialist advice.
  • Deliver CAB Managing your Money services in the South Merthyr Tydfil Communities First Clusters.
  • Assist participants to enter and sustain employment by training them to manage their changing household income.
  • Make referrals to CAB specialist workers (internal) and to specialist partner agencies (external), to allow service users to access other legal and support services.
  • Ensure cross referrals between the CAB Financial Capability sessions and support activities delivered by the Cluster to improve skills and employability.

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